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The Rock and Atoll Technology Museum has space for more multi-media exhibits.  The director planned for a LANDFORMS slideshow to introduce the display, but the plans were forgotten during construction.  Follow this Webquest and find information about LANDFORMS.  Then, draw pictures and create a LANDFORM DIORAMA.  Take a digital picture of your DIORAMA and include it in a POWERPOINT slideshow to add to the museums exhibit.




  • Print a copy of the director's plans.  

  • Complete the brainstorming worksheet.  

  • Then, choose a landform to create.  

  • Draw pictures or create a 3-D model of the landform.  

  • Use bright colors in paint or markers.  

  • Make a diorama displaying your landform.  

  • Include a written description.  

  • Take a digital picture of your creation.  

  • Create a POWERPOINT slide.  

  • Include a text box with the description and a graphic box with the picture.  

Brainstorming Worksheet #1 | Brainstorming Worksheet #2







Click here to visit Enchanted Learning's Landform Dictionary.  Most of your answers to the brainstorming worksheets will be found at this site.

Then, visit these others sites to collect information and pictures about landforms.  Plan your PowerPoint slideshow.  (A rubric is linked at the Evaluation heading.)


Here are some more sites that offer links to landform information or have examples of PowerPoint projects.


Click here to learn about making a PowerPoint slideshow.









Books at Powell's:  General Geography




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